CK Tennis

We stock a variety of strings, listed below. You're welcome to bring your own string. We charge $20 labor for stringing.

All prices include labor and applicable taxes. Please contact us if you have any questions:

Synthetic Gut

Wilson Synthetic Gut PowerWilson Synthetic Gut Power 16 and 17 (white) - $26

Wilson Synthetic Gut Power is reliable all-around string and a great value. If you're not sure what you want out of a string, Synthetic Gut Power is a good starting point.

Natural Gut

Luxilon Natural GutLuxilon Natural Gut 16 - $66

Natural gut provides ultimate feel, power, and consistent playability. Luxilon has added a unique coating to their top-tier natural gut to improve durability and enhance performance when used in a hybrid configuration. We recommend pairing Luxilon Natural Gut mains with Luxilon Element crosses for big, comfortable spin.


Wilson SensationWilson Sensation 16 (natural) - $30

Sensation has a long history as one of the most popular multifilament strings on the market, and for good reason. It's a soft-playing string that brings plenty of power and feel for a reasonable price.


Luxilon 4GLuxilon 4G 16L (gold) - $38

Luxilon 4G is formulated for maximum tension maintenance to keep its performance longer than competing co-poly strings.

Luxilon ALU PowerLuxilon ALU Power 16L (silver) - $38

ALU Power is the most popular string on the pro tour because it provides an unmatched mix of control, power, and spin. Be aware that ALU Power doesn't tend to retain its playability as well as newer co-poly strings, but many find that an acceptable tradeoff for the way the string performs when it's fresh.

Luxilon ElementLuxilon Element 16 (bronze) - $38

Element is Luxilon's softest and most forgiving string. It retains much of 4G's consistency while offering a more gentle hitting experience. Element has become our favorite cross string for a long-lasting, comfortable hybrid setup.

Wilson RevolveWilson Revolve 17 (black or white) - $30

With a snap-back-friendly low-friction finish and relatively low power, Revolve is formulated to reward big swings with massive spin. It performs well and keeps performing over time, so it's our go-to recommendation for a modern co-poly.

Wilson RevolveWilson Revolve Spin 17 (black) - $30

Revolve Spin uses the same formulation as Revolve for low power and big spin. This spin version has a pentagonal profile for better ball bit. We recommend Revolve Spin mains with Revolve crosses.